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Price Matching

At, we provide an excellent price matching guarantee! If you find any aftermarket auto part sold for a better price than what is listed on our website, you may qualify for our overall price match. Please contact us via email or phone notifying us of your request for a price match. Be sure to include the name of the product as well as a link to the product on the competitorís site. If the competitorís product is not listed online, be sure to include evidence of the product advertisement when contacting us (newspaper ad, etc.).

In order for a product to qualify for our Price Match Guarantee, several conditions must be met:

  1. The competitorís auto part must reside in an authorized dealerís store with no error in pricing.
  2. The prices compared must include shipping, taxes, and all other fees.
  3. The product price compared must not be listed from discount sites such as Amazon or eBay.
  4. A representative must be contacted either before purchasing or within 48 hours of purchase in order to qualify for our Price Match Guarantee.
  5. Our Price Match Guarantee does not include rebates, liquidations, employee discounts, or any erroneous price listings.

To notify us of a price matching request, please contact us.