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Poly-Urethane Warranty

Poly-Urethane material is used in manufacturing some of the highest quality car, truck and SUV body kits, bumpers, side skirts, roll pans and wiper cowls. All parts are virtually indestructible and far more durable than conventional fiberglass.

Unlike fiberglass, Poly-Urethane is very durable. Poly-Urethane parts will bend and flex with your vehicle. This means they can take the knocks of everyday driving and still come out looking like new.

Why spend the money on expensive fiberglass body parts that can crack and chip when you can get quality Poly-Urethane parts at

Warranty - All Premier Urethane, OPUS AUTO & KBD polyurethane parts and kits carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and to perform satisfactorily under normal operating conditions. This Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original retail purchaser only and is not transferable to any subsequent owners. This Limited Warranty excludes shipping costs associated with purchase, except in the event of manufacturer or shipping errors.

Check out the below video for an actual example of how durable and practically unbreakable polyurethane body kits are: