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Adding a carbon fiber or fiberglass hood to your car, truck or SUV will not only give your vehicle a stylish-sport look, but it will usually increase its MPG (miles per gallon of gas). Our carbon fiber hoods are very strong and lightweight which, in turn, will normally lower the weight of you car and save you money at the gas pump. In addition, carbon fiber hoods have a unique look, which most people perfer over a painted look. Becuase of this, you do not need to paint the hood - so keep your hard earned money in your pocket! We carry a variety of hoods for just about any vehicle, made by manufactures such as VIS Racing and Seibon. To top off the benifits of owning one of our hoods, we offer free shipping within the 48 United States!

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Commonly asked questions:

Q. If needed, will my stock hood latch work with an after market hood?
Most of the hoods we sell come with a hood latch that will replace your stock latch. If the hood you are interested in does not come with the hood latch, then the hood will work with your stock latch.

Q. Are hood pins required for after market hoods?
Hood pins are not required, but recommended. Because most of the hoods we sell are lighter than stock hoods, we always recommend hood pins for added security. You can find hood pins on our website here.

Q. What quality are the carbon fiber hoods you carry?
The carbon fiber hoods we sell are ready for install and require no major modifications. All carbon hoods are made of 100% grade A quality carbon fiber and fit like OEM. The hoods also include an ultraviolet (UV) radiation protection glossy clear coat for a show quality and long lasting finish. Each hood has a tight and straight carbon weave that is wrapped completely around edges (not cut).

If you have further questions about Hoods, feel free to call us anytime at (800) 483-8670.