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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Razzi ABS Plastic Side Skirts 04 05 06 07

ITEM# 200-200-3
 MSRP: $574.99
 Our Price: $394.99
 Sale Price: $375.24
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This Includes: ABS Plastic Side Skirts

  • Top of the line parts made from Aeroflex ABS composite plastic. Each piece is blended for maximum strength to prevent cracking and warping under temperature changes or when flexed.
  • Easy fitment and installation! Only minor sanding and drilling before painting may be needed to attain perfect fit.
  • Made in the USA – American Made!
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty against all defects in workmanship, to insure a top quality part for life!
  • Aging preventative parts! The Aeroflex material features higher levels of polybutadine and anti-oxidants that prevent aging and breakdown of material components.
  • Some truck ground effects may come with separate skirts for bed and cab sections in order to fit properly.
  • Free shipping in the 48 United States!

Since 1984, Razzi body kits and ground effects have been known in the car and truck modification industry as top quality products. Razzi parts are easily installed and offer an amazing sport style look. The company’s manufacturing and innovation of ABS plastic composite parts have led them to creating some of the most popular looks known for cars and trucks. Each Razzi part helps control the airflow and down force your automobile generates while in motion, creating more effeicent handling and performance. If you are looking for a body kit or ground effects package that will fit properly and last as long as your vehicle does, then Razzi is the brand for you!

Note: When purchasing this product, please select whether you would like it painted for an additional cost below. We will contact you by phone or email after your purchase is complete to collect your color information. There is no additional cost for this item unpainted.

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