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Chevrolet Camaro 2dr FRP Full Body Kit 10 11 - SS2

 MSRP: $1,019.99
 Our Price: $949.99
 You Save: $70.00

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Kit includes a SS2 Front Bumper, a SS2 Rear Bumper, and a pair of SS2 Side Skirts. Made in durable VFIBER PURE-FRP material.

In year 2000, Vision Autodynamics' competitive journey begun with providing cutomers with excellent care, affordable and quality products. The humble business was successfully incorporated in 2002 and still thriving in this fast-paced industry. Due to the lack of quality products on the market, the corporation has transformed into one of the leading wholesale manufacturers of aftermarket automotive products focusing on raising the bar of auto-exterior products. Their Signature VFiber Line of Products, uses a proprietary manufacturing technology only known to others as Pure-FRP (Pure Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic), Carbon Fiber, and Polyurethane. What makes VFiber Pure-FRP, Carbon, and Polyurethane so unique is a trade secret and thus far no other company in the industry has yet to replicate or achieve the same technique. It is true that bonding other chemicals can increase flexibility or change the dynamic of the molecules, but for safety concerns, their engineers decided not to jeopardize the safety of drivers with vehicles equipped with "floppy" Body Kits or parts with similar characteristics made using unnecessary chemicals. Vision's sales team works at 110% to exceed expectations, and encourage customers to notify with suggestions in order to better serve you.