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Guide to Buying a Car Body Kit

Car Body Kits have recently become very popular due to many movies and television shows which feature fast, good looking cars. People will purchase a body kit for various reasons. The two most common reasons are for aerodynamic performance and good looks. Most car body kits are usually made up of a collection of pieces that include a front bumper, rear bumper and a set of side skirts; although, some kits may include fenders and wings. In all, your body kit can include many parts.

When purchasing a body kit a consumer must make sure that the seller is reputable. It is always encouraged to purchase body kits for your car from sellers who guarantee fitment. Because every car is different, some parts may not fit correctly. A consumer can easily overcome this problem by making sure fitment is guaranteed.

The material a body kit consists of is another very important aspect to pay attention to when purchasing a body kit for your car. There are various types of materials used for body kits. Fiberglass is probably the cheapest and most easily broken. FRP Composite and polyurethane are of higher quality than fiberglass and do not cost much more. Most people prefer the FRP Composite material when purchasing a body kit because it can be easily fixed if damaged, but is very strong and flexible. One of the highest priced material, because of quality, is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is really nice because there are many different styles that this material can create. Also, carbon fiber is lightweight and great for aerodynamic performance. The downside to carbon fiber is it does not work well with paint and is unfixable if damaged.

A consumer must be careful when purchasing a body kit. It is always recommended that a consumer contact a seller before purchasing a kit. Buying from someone with a great reputation is always supported. At we have a great reputation - 100% positive feedback on while selling to 1000ís of consumers. Check out our testimonials. We are also a credited company recognized by large organizations such as, AitRacing and We are always able to help any client. We guarantee fitment and have a great team of technicians that will help out with any step in installation. Contact Us today if you have any questions.