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General: Vertical / Lambo Doors

What are vertical / lambo doors and why should you buy them?
Vertical / lambo door kits include hinges that permit your doors to open up in a Lamborghini manner, vertically. With a vertical / lambo door kit, your automobile will truly stand out and get your car attention. This superb characteristic, at one time only seen on expensive marvelous cars, is now available for your automobile. If you are looking to turn heads and get noticed, there is no doubt that having vertical / lambo doors will accomplish this for you.

Is there a difference between vertical doors and lambo doors?
No, lambo doors and vertical doors are the exact same item.

What is included with lambo / vertical door kits?
Vertical / lambo doors come with all necessary hardware and hinges allowing you to bolt the doors onto your vehicle; making for easy installation.

How do you install vertical / lambo doors?
Most of our vertical / lambo door kits are direct bolt on. This method is preferred because welding may not be required. Please contact us if you need full installation instructions. We always recommend professional installation for any of our vertical / lambo doors.

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Product Questions:

1. I have a BMW 650 soft top would i need extended wiring (electrical) for the doors or any other materials and can the door open as normal as well as vertical Thank you By Joshu


Normally, extending the wiring harness is not necessary, because the door will open vertically the same amount of distance as it does regularly. Sometimes though, depending on the exact situation, extending the wire harness is necessary. Nothing else will be needed for installation, as these Vertical Doors are made specifically for your vehicle. Yes, the doors will be able to open normally, as well as vertically.

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